King Lear the Moonboi

To paraphrase King LEAR:

“The Zer0 art a soul in bliss; but Moonbois are bound Upon a wheel of fire, that their own tears Do scald like molten lead.” – King Lear (Act 4, Scene 7)


  1. Cordelia was always Lear’s favourite daughter. After Lear is rejected by Cordelia’s sisters, Goneril and Regan, he goes mad. Cordelia returns at the end of the play with the intentions of helping Lear, ultimately reversing her role as daughter to that of mother.[4] But when she arrives, Lear is not able to recognize her because of his state of madness. Nevertheless, she forgives him for banishing her. By the time Lear finally regains his reason and realizes who Cordelia is, they have little time to talk and reconcile.

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