How it all started.

I’ll leave it here for the story.
Part 1.
Just as bitcoin was once created , for a reason, so now, have created this forum, for a reason.
I’ve been holding and doping MJ since day one of its launch, and I love that I get to watch a new 0 culture develop. Zer0 trend, in crypto before us has not happened.
It is one thing to be part of just some interesting project and quite another to be part of a new culture! To be at the origin of this new culture!
This is how the bitcoin trend started, at first it was just a small community of programmers, but over time we know what it has grown into.
I’m not comparing Zer0 culture to bitcoin, bitcoin is a product first and Zer0 is a culture first.

Zer0 culture is even more unkillable than Bitcoin itself, because in order to send something to 0, you must first buy it! When you buy to sell, know that you can be the last in the chain and you will not be able to sell, which means that coming to 0 is not possible!
Part 2.

I will continue to buy MJ to reinforce my theory, Zer0 is impossible to kill, Zer0 will multiply you by 0.

The only way out is to buy and watch others sell trying to get the price down to 0.


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